1. What kind of tutoring does PCH Tutors Offer?

PCH Tutors provides academic tutoring and test prep services. We cover all subjects K-12 and select college level courses. The greatest number of our tutors are dedicated to Math and Science tutoring, but can cover any other subject areas with ease. Our owner specializes in ACT & SAT Test Prep.

2. Where does tutoring take place?

We primarily provide our tutoring services in the homes of our students. However, we can provide tutoring anywhere you'd like provided the conditions are suitable for tutoring.

3. How do you match tutors with students?

Our process starts with the conversations we have with parents in assessing their student's tutoring needs and what level of help they will need to achieve their academic goals. From there we go on to discuss various aspects of a student's personality, past academic performance, learning style, and schedules of availability to determine who we have on staff that can best meet those needs and work effectively with a student.

4. Am I in your service area?

Our current service area includes the following cities:
Malibu, Westlake Village, Agoura, Calabasas, Monte Nido, Topanga, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Westwood

5. What if we don't feel that the tutor we are assigned is the right fit?

If you don't feel that the tutor we've assigned is the right fit for your student just let us know, and we'll be happy to re-assign a new tutor who we feel can meet your student's needs. We'll of course want to discuss what you feel did not work for your student so we can improve our tutoring service as well as how we match your student with any future tutors.

6. Is a long term commitment required?

No, we do not require a long term committment for tutoring, although we believe that in order to maximize the benefits of tutoring and our service it is best to keep a regular tutoring schedule with the same tutor on a weekly basis. We offer a signifigant cost savings to our customers who schedule lessons for the month in advance.

7. What sort of tutoring program do you recommend?

The short answer is it depends on your situation. We can discuss this with you on over the phone whenever you might be free to speak.

Generally speaking, students who are interested in maintaing an A or high B average will only need one session per week. Students struggling to keep B's and C's in a subject will generally need tutoring at least twice a week. Students failing a class will need to determine if passing the class is possible, and then we'll need to outline a plan to make our best attempt at earning credit in the class.

8. Do you provide tutors for homeschoolers?

Yes, we provide tutoring for homeschool courses.

However, if you are looking for a teacher to teach all of the necessary concepts and material for homeschooler, on a day to day basis, we will need to speak with you and evaluate if our current staff can meet your needs.

9. Can tutors help students with organization and executive skills?

Yes, we can integrate the use of these skills into our tutoring with your student or even organize separate tutoring sessions dedicated to teaching and practicing the use of these skills.

10. What if I no longer need a tutor or would like a refund?

Just let us know of your need to discontinue our service and we will be happy refund any unused tutoring hours.

If for any reason you were dissatisfied with our tutoring services and would like a refund please let us know. We will do all that we can to remedy any problem with tutoring and issue a refund for any unproductive tutoring sessions.