We are a network of university and graduate level tutors working to meet your needs.

Our tutors are unique individuals in whom we've found the combination of expert knowledge, excellent teaching ability, and the passion and patience to help others who are struggling.  

We believe in continuously improving the skills and teaching abilities of every tutor on our team. Therefore, we hold regular training sessions to coach and discuss how we can improve our teaching techniques and the level of service we provide to our customers.

With over 40 tutors on staff, we are an interesting bunch of young, highly accomplished individuals. Within our ranks we boast: Students graduating at the top 5% of their class, Valedictorians, Campus Leaders, Future Medical Professionals, Student Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Polyglots, and Artists.

Our hiring process is very selective and only the best applicants of the many tutoring candidates we receive are hired.

Featured Tutors

Greta D, math and science tutor

6 years tutoring experience 

Education: Pepperdine University, Sports Medicine, Pre-Med

Interests: Soccer, Volleyball, Track, Delta Gamma, UCLA Medical  

What's your favorite thing about tutoring?

"The most rewarding aspect of working with PCH Tutors is recognizing the dramatic improvements each of my students have made in academic performance and confidence. It is exciting to watch students discover strengths in previously challenging topics, score higher on exams, and complete assignments with ease. As a college student, I am able to provide mentorship and study tips that prepare students to succeed in challenging, higher-level courses.”

Kade S, Math and Physics 

5 years tutoring experience

Education: Pepperdine University, Mathematics & Computer Science

Interests: Cross-fit, Volleyball, Water polo, Theater, Business, Computer Programing

What's your favorite thing about tutoring?

“The best part of tutoring is helping students not only learn their course material, but how to approach and learn any new subject they may face in the future.” 

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